Who am I? And what have I done?

This is me

Like many others of my generation (lolz), I just want attention. Hear me, see me.  I love hearing myself talk and making others listen (or read or whatever). But no, really, listen, language and art spawned from the written word have profoundly changed my life. I can't imagine not writing? Especially as a way to deal with my "issues."

I have worked as a writer's assistant and a freelance copyeditor, but my longest stint was as a video producer and manager of the video team at TRT World. I have been published on Autostraddle, Público and Cuartopoder and contribute semi-regularly to Geek Girl Authority 

I'm queer. Turkish-American. They/them/their (less frequently she/her/hers). 


Writing     Team Management     Research  Copyediting
  Organization   Editing    Watching TV

Work Experience

At present

Living that freelance life

I'm out there, writing away. I'm a freelance writer and copyeditor. I've been published on Autostraddle and Cuartopoder, and I contribute to Geek Girl Authority


Video Producer; Manager of Video Team @ TRT World

I made short news videos as a producer.  As manager, I edited scripts, attended pitch meetings, and gave approval on videos before publication. 


Writer's Assistant & Copyeditor @ Los Angeles

I was writer's assistant to Mark Troy and a freelance copyeditor in Los Angeles. 



New York University 

Tisch School of the Arts, BFA: Film & TV Production.


 Television   Theatre   Food

 YA Novels  Dogs  Yoga  Languages

 Kickboxing  Veganism Writing 

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